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askedded is there a limit is in the deputy city attorney argues the ban is needed to protect from harm. >> there is concern about public safety, about distracting drivers and obstructing flee flow of traffic and about harms people feel when they're exposed to nudity unwillingly. >> you should look at my eyes, look away. i mean, whatever. >> the judge has not said when he'll rule. the nudist's attorney says if they lose they'll likely appeal. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> the bay area has the first reported death of the flu outbreak. the victim was a 98-year-old woman from santa clara county. they do say she suffered from other conditions as well. she was 98, keep in mind. the health officer says at
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least four people people have died so far this year of the flu. we've not yet reached a peak of the season. >> we're still seeing a lot of increased activities in our care system, people are going in to be seen for flu-like illness autos doctors say it's not too late to get a shot. safeway announced it's shipped out 200,000 more vaccines and in fremont, washington hospital held a clinic. >> i decided to come early. it takes two weeks to kick in. so my kids and i don't get it. >> they're asking the congregation not to shake hands during show of peace. >> south bay mom reported a stranger trying to on duct her toddler now admits she made up the story.
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this could lead to her arrest. karina? >> right. we know this woman confessed to maeking the story up. we don't know why. police say she caused unnecessary fear in the community, and wasted a valuable resource. thaer outraged. detectives say they started noticing inconsistencies in the story. they reinterviewed her today shech called 911 tuesday around 5:30 from her home, saying a man tried to kidnap her 3-year-old daughter and spent hours to create a suspect's sketch which was released to the public, take a listen to the story she gave police. >> i couldn't get her away fast enough, her boots came off. her pants came off. >> can't say enough about
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someone presenting information like this when dealing with kids z to think about lies she created. i guess in her defense, at least she came clean and admitted to it z stopped wasting everybody's time. >> police won't go into details but now say this woman has a criminal history and could now face a charge of filing a police report. a conviction could bring up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. >> thank you. breaking news now. toyota just announced a settlement in hundreds of sudden ak sell raigs death lawsuits. the first suit brought by the family of a couple killed after a camera slammed into a wall in ut twout years ago. toyota has not disclosed terms of the settlement, last month settling hundreds of lawsuits
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from vehicle owners that settlement worth more than a billion dollars. >> the law caught up with a suspected hit and run driver who skipped out on a court appearance two years ago. he was reentering the country from the philippines. plea police say he was driving a car that floon a motorcyclist in january, 2011 and kept going. the motorcyclist was killed. he had a million dollar bench warrant, now, knees custody. >> the driver of a car being chased by the alameda county sheriff's department crashed into at least two other cars. investigators not saying whether anyone was injured. we do understand one person was arrested at the scene. these are pictures from sky 7 hd. a number of other suspects apparently ran after the crash. police are still trying to find them right now. and quite a scare for shoppers
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in vallejo, police say a senior citizen lost control of the car and drove it into the store this afternoon. you can seat black car that slashed from sky 7. police say the driver and passenger were shaken up, but not hurt. we're learning about a home invasion murder of a wealthy south bay businessman. the common thread that binds them together. vic lee is in the newsroom with the story. >> it's a sordid story reportedly involving gangs, pros stit skbrugs a sexual relationship between a suspect and the murder victim. we're learning more tonight from our sources and published reports. three men and a woman have been arrested in connection with a murder.
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26-year-old lucas anderson, 21-year-old javier garcia and deangelo austin. the fourth suspect raven dixon charged with being accessory to the murder. a bill milin yair businessman murdered november 30th, found dead inside of his mansion in the wealthy enclave. police aren't saying how he was killed. austin is reportedly a member of a street gang called the money team. a group tied into drugs and home invasions. garcia said to be a member of a gang called ghostown. two years ago multi agency task force decapitated the leader of ghostown. >> they're going through into the back. so we just watched into the closet, and hid. >> in august, abc 7 news interviewed one two of brother who's hid in a closet in their
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house during a home invasion. according to reports members of the money team were responsible for members of the r attempted robbery. nona news conference to address recent shootings in oakland, police chief said the money team was one two of feuding groups responsible for rising violence in his city. sources say raven dixon worked as a prostitute, and that kumra was a regular customer. a source acknowledged this investigation tells us dixon had talked with friends about the relationship with kumra adding javier garcia somehow heard bit and that he told austin about the skplint where he lived. they then reportedly planned home invasion. all four face gang enhancement charge autos we've learn add rest report for dixon says she
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was wearing a gucci belt. her lawyer tells us he's talked to his client many times and she insists she's never met the other three defendants. before. >> such a wild city. thank you. >> still ahead tonight the presidential inauguration. pefrl people that are packed and ready to go. >> i'm spencer chris chichblt high surf advisory. another spairt air day and a weekend warm sup coming up in the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> and why would anyone want to design and build a microscope out of legos? a
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the uc reekents third and final day of meetings featured what could be unprecedent add tendance by the governor, lieutenant governor and speaker of the asem blismt some consider it a sign of collaboration between lawmakers and uc. >> no one, it seemed missed an opportunity to see how grateful they for the $125 budget infusion, but all gratitude in the world will not prevent a crisis requiring
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major changes in the system. >> there is a spending problem. there is a revenue problem. and there is a paradigm problem. >> fixing them, says the governor snot his problem, it's everyone's problem. >> model of higher education is broken. it's true. going forward what we do about it, what kinld of design change is feesible that, remains to be seen. >> over time, we're going have to do some things differently. if we stand still, we can get behind. >> the assembly speaker told the regents the state ability to help them out of spots will be limited for the for seeable future you can't blame for asking. and the truth is that we have
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to find alternate sources of revenue. >> whatever decision they make it's the student, it's in their hands. >> shifting teaching to online courses is now a front runner as an idea to bring down costs. students saying okay but we prefer those online courses to be just a supplement not a replacement to classroom teachings. in mission gay bai, abc 7 news. >> some residents are playing a big part pat president's inauguration. one aco-chair, another running social media sites for the joint military coalition protecting the president. mark matthews is here now. >> out of the 300 million already eight civilians invited to be co-chairs of the inauguration. a young woman is one of them. erica volunteers for the first
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campaign for president two years later his bill saved her life. >> i was actually diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor. >> this campaign video shows insurance companies denied coverage because the tumor was a preexisting condition. doctors said she not afford -- had to have an operation. >> because of the health care reform, i had access to medical care. i have made a 100% full recovery. >> now, she's gooding to washington, d.c. as an honored guest. >> have you met the president? >> very not. >> do you hope to? >> i'd like to. >> to be at the inauguration, he's play forward presidents several times but this will be the first time he's gone to an inauguration. >> being black, having an african american president is
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an honor to play for him and that he's there. >> congress woman barbara lee got him tickets this student is packing to fly after winning an essay contest hosted by congressman mike honda. >> i said make the government here lirks local government more accessible to, like the younger crowd. >> krang honda liked the idea enough to send him two tik yits. another resident will be in charge of running facebook, twitter, you tube, flicker and pinterest pages for the inauguration. elizabeth thompson talked with us today from washington, d.c.. >> we just launched an iphone app so that will be hopefully live streaming during inauguration. >> four years ago, thousands were misdirected and caught in security holds.
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this time there will be directions for ticket holders expected. official swearing in is january 20th, sunday, big parade will be monday the day we celebrate martin luther king holiday. >> michelle obama has a new do for the inauguration. take a look. she tweeted the picture today using her new twitter account. you can see she has bangs. today her 49th birthday. >> our coverage begins on monday at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of good morning america and we'll have live coverage on abc 7 starting at 6:30 monday morning. i hope you'll tune in. >> we're seeing a warm up. >> we are. welcome relief. >> we're feeling it in the
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daytime. we've got chilly weather but that is okay. a live view right now in emeryville. it's cool and getting cooler evening. clear skies no precipitation. milder weather is headed our way. it's building already. check out readings, 5234 oakland. look at 24 hour change, every location, milder than at this hour yesterday not just by a little bit. 90 degrees milder than half moon way. six degrees milder in fremont. milder patterns settled in and continues to build throughout the weekend. spare the air day again, tomorrow, third day we'll see air quality not so good. this weekend, dry patterns
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continuing into next week. from 10:00 saturday morning to 4:00 sunday afternoon, northwestern swell up to 20 feet. strong currents are a pose yichblt waves around three feet level. nothing significant developing yet. overnight, 29 in santa rosa. so still, chilly into valleys. 30s in napa. 31 concord. 28 fairfield. tomorrow, poor air quality prevailing in the north bai. coast, central bay. moderate for remainder of the bay area. slight image showing a large ridge of high pressure. not only bringing us clear skies but that milder pattern that has begun already continuing to develop throughout the weekend.
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highs climbing into upper 6s, tomorrow, looking at mid-60s. 66 cupertino and campbell. perhaps 67 in los gatos, pin anyone slarks 64 redwood city. 66, mountain view. low to mid-60s on the coast. north bay, mid 60s in santa rosa. east bay we'll see oakland topping out at 65 degrees. inland east bay, low to mid-60s, 71 in salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. those noid upper 60s continue saturday, sunday, into monday. and we'll see temperatures tapering off by mid week next week, a rather sharp drop off in temperatures.
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enjoy weather while it's here. >> thank you. >> coming up here, yelp rates restaurants on more than just taste and coming up the
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challenging facing the world's largest chip maker saying profits are down 27% from last year. pell are switching from personal computers to smart phones and tablet chz do not. santa clara county the best performing area. estimating every new technology job creates five others. good news for construction agency, builders began working on new homes and last year turned out to be the best year for residential construction since 2008. the news lit a fire under wall street today. dow jones rose 84 points. >> of yelp launched a new feature, right next to hours
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of operation and review saz link showing the ratings from san francisco health department. how clean is the place? users can click to see what score a restaurant got and see what vile yaigsz are on record. the company says access to restaurant health ratings cuts down on food poisonings. >> in the year following they found that incidents of food boern hospitalizations dropped by 13%. we can see this as an opportunity to enhance lives of communities. >> creating a standard that will now be yuk used so other city was post ratings as well. >> we have more for you here on abc 7 news. coming up next, girlfriend hoax involving notre dame football star with an expert on whether he may have been in on it latest on the rescue attempts of dozens of hostages taken captive in al geara.
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there have been several casualty autos a bay area woman whose devotion on 7 on your
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tonight we're trying to understand and unravel one of the most inexpoliticable stories we've naerd a long time. a star college football player caught up in a hoax. >> it's been a new twist on winning one for the giper. motivation morphed into win one for a dead girlfriend you never met who didn't die because she never exhisted and in that condition, sheeg she's still making his life miserable. >> quickly, the moods of an athlete can change. it's now expanded. >> this is a elaborate hoax
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per traited for reasons we can't understand and had a cruelty at its core. >> this year, one of the most inspiring sports stories playing on despite deaths of hi girlfriend within six hours of each other, her parting words before dying of leukemia. >> promise you'll play. and that you know, you'll honor me. >> only now, we know the truth. he fell in wlof a phantom. she never existed except in hoax form in phone calls and internet chats. >> i think a lot of people are story suspicious. because you know, why was someone going to great lengths
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to hoax him like this? >> how about the highsman maman trophy it? made good publicity. but they aren't sure. >> it's hard to believe but when looking at the information that is available now, i think there is a lot of indicators that are pointing that way. >> this is a fem rabl story. and an nfl prospect. >> the single trusting human being i met will never be able to trust in the same way in his life. >> he has yet to speak about a situation but released a statement, here it is.
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to realize i was the brunt of a sick joke was and is humiliating. they say he's not a liar. >> wayne freedman reporting. tonight two airplanes collided at miami international airport. no one was injured. it happened on the ground. both the air bus and air france plane were damaged. officials are investigating the cause of the crash. the u.s. mill provide a military air lift into moli in the shadow of a bloody rescue of hostages from al geara. the hostages including some americans were kidnapped by islamic militants believed to be in retaliation for french intervention last week.
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>> this weekend, u.s. trainers will be on the continent to offer predeployment training and sustainment packages for troops. and we are prepared to fund air lift for those troops into moly.. >> four, as many as 35 hostages have been killed. >> it's a common scam targeting anyone with a car, but when contacting an elderly woman, she set off alarm bells. >> joanne does a good job keeping up with the news. it's that attention to what is going on behind her that saved her from being scammed. she received this urgent letter second attempt, it said. request for immediate action. crime sense material material. >> something about it and i
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think i may have fallen through this a few years ago. >> the letter told her her auto warranty expired and she needed to act now. she called her honda dealership confirming the letter was not from them. that is something she knew all along. >> i have been watching michael finney several years and i have been learning things we need to do to protect ourselves. >> there are reports of elder abuse increasing nearly 15% in eight years. more than 1800 cases reported last year alone. a group of senior citizens to better protect seniors. >> if we can put the energy into this business of theirs by scamming the elderly and putting it into more worth while causes we'd be a better society. >> advocates say the best
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protection is constant interaction with family and friends. >> isolation is one of the biggest things that create the environment for this to occur just their loneliness. it increases vulnerability hugely. >> she says the sad truth is that many of us are those closest to them. >> the saddest thing about elder abuse is that people who are the perpetrators are the people that are closest to. people that care for them its also trusting nature of seniors that can lead them open to fraud. >> die nile to people taking advantage of them is huge. it does happen. it happens all the time. something seniors have to watch skpb careful about. >> on our web site on abc 7
6:35 pm i'm michael finney 7 on your side. >> moving on more people are playing video games on phones these day autos a peek at a new game some say is
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first, arcades then, living room. now the most likely place to find video games is on the cell phone. >> it means companies that make games have to adapt. as abc 7 news found out, one big name publisher is doing just that. dennis li playing a game hitting stores january 22. >> go on. cut. >> if it looks like japanese animation that, is because sit. >> this is an animation studio out of japan. they're kind of known as the disney of japan. >> a popular style movie to broaden appeal of an older
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style of game. >> which has been a more niche audience for role playing games. they've layered witness a story and characters that appeal to everybody. >> he runs on sony play station three, around six years, consoles can get better as older. >> they mature through times developers learn to develop games better on them. >> the developers know not everyone is going to go out to buy a play station. so they're focusing on this crowd. >> tech and card tournament takes a 17-year-old fighting game franchise into the world of casual gaming. >> you can get in there. takes about two minute autos it's better if you buy trading cards.
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bringing characters to life. phone has been harolded as the future of gaming but they're banking on the cones yol, gaming on the phone is sort of a gateway drug. >> getting more versed with playing games it's kind of like the next step. >> coming up next, answering a question posed earlier. >> why
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>> cutting edge of science often involves ideas that you can't can't wrap your mind around them. >> where people see legos this researcher sees a building block of science, his team at university mission bay campus used piles of them to construct their own working lego microscopes. >> it is two lenses. first one is objective.
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it's here. >> he says they did need special parts in the 3 d printer. a kind of computerized easy bake oven that can make useful items. >> the results? a working device built to answer questions. except one you may be asking now. why build a microscope out of legos? answer is a new program that is designed to change the way scientists think about their work. the director says one goal is to make projects more practical. >> and having work together. in way of brin storming them. it's bringing new dimension to the way it can be done. >> the team was tasked with reimaging uses for a scope
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development at the university of california. createors envisioned it was as a way of diagnosing diseases but it has yet to be commercialized. scott patterson helped hone the questions. group decided the scope may be a valuable tool fr teaching projects. hence the lego microscope project. >> the discovery from talking to teachers about how might you use this is how do we demystery fi science of mikeo copes. >> the students say the process has already refocused thinking and their
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appreciation for process. >> this has been a lot of fun. >> alternative being employed internationally. a team helped similar sessions with colleagues in beijing looking for ways to research key challenges. >> that is neat. well, the 49ers today announced winner of their road trip sweeps stakes two free tickets to the nfl game and winner is a man from san francisco's bay view district. he gets to go to the plane now here are some of the fan photos. this family was lucky enough to get a tour of the park. what a great shot they had. connie rosa e mailed us photos of her grandchildren isabel
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and man yule. here is a guy with a 49ers milk mustache. look at the smiling face. keep sending us your photos. we just love getting these. and abc 7 news sports reporter is on the way to atlanta now to cover the game. his first reports airing tomorrow here on abc 7 news. hope you can tune in for that. >> you you may have noticed a b-52 a haze today. here is a view of the hazy air this afternoon. we've had sunny skies and mild weather. tomorrow state wide, sunny skies warm down south with highs into 70s. here in the bay area, sunny skies after another cool start,
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high temperatures into mid-60s and above. around the bay area tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. highs mid to upper 60s friday, saturday, sunday into monday. mid-60ses reading, temperatures dropping off but we have five mild days of above average highs coming our way. >> nice treat after cold. >> it is. >> absolutely. >> niners just days from that game. >> it's interesting comments here. 49er offense changed when unveiling pistol. it may surprise to you hear what old frank thinks about that offense how his mind was
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good evening, leading up to a big game, coaches get more paranoid about players saying something, anything that may help the opponent. you normally get bland answers but leading up to the
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championship game in atlanta, 49ers run back was honest about the offense. because for a while, he could not stand it. >> i didn't like it. you know? >> if frank gore is anything, he's honest. he was not a fan of the pistol offense and read option attacks until this past saturday. it took a 119 performance to change gore's mind. his first 100 yard rushing game since he took over in week 11. >> i just have to be you know just more patient. and getting the ball enough. >> it doesn't take him long to
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pick something up. he's one of the most gifted players i've been around. >> as green bay learned, 49ers have weapons at every position. >> problem is that it's a great job last week. you know? so hopefully, they keep looking out for him. and 21 keeps getting the ball. >> speaking of coaching. >> when you're done, come find you so coach wants to hire me, i'll be ready. >> not anymore because today jacksonville hired gus bradley whose defense finished first
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in the nfl in points allowed. preliminary rosters for the world baseball classic today. giants will have ryan voguel song representing the red, white and blue. surgeo romo will represent their countries when the wbc begins in march. sandoval has a case of colitis. tiger woods and rory mcelroy teed off overseas. stand behind the camel. say cheese. woods with an up ask down day, four bogeys with this slow roller on 15.
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tiger chasing co-leaders. and up and down, holding out for a five under 65. 70, 69, gaelz the final. st. mary's now 14-4. look at that. over and over again. >> really this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> you're telling us frank gore had specifics? >> yes. let's say we call a simple hand off a dive layoff the plidel -- middle. i give it to you, you take it. i'm going give it to you. you're not sure if you're going to get the ball. he wants to know. >> right. >> this makes a big
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difference. >> yes. makes sense. >> join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then air, woman stops breathing and brought back to life after she's buried in an average. she -- avalanche. >> then at 7:00 a computer alert why bart is slowing down service. >> on jimmy kimmel live tonight's guests mark wahlberg and science bob. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> t
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a law student from elkton, maryland... an actor from toronto, canada... and our returning champion, a retired proofreader and editor, from chicago, illinois... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. welcome, ladies and gentlemen. on yesterday's program, joan was very relaxed and solid until final jeopardy! but she didn't lose too much in that one.
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